Hét nieuwe must-have kinderboekje. Een positief verhaaltje over diversiteit, acceptatie, liefde en respect.

The first Sweet Mixie book is out now!

This book is a board-book edition, so it's extra durable for tiny hands! It's the perfect book to read to your little one, it also makes for a great gift for a baby-shower or birthday. Please note: There is a Dutch and an English version of Sweet Mixie available. Price 10 excl. shipping.

Currently Sweet Mixie is only available for domestic shipping within the Netherlands. 

Sweet Mixie Book English Edition

€ 10,00

Sweet Mixie Book English Edition

€ 10,00

Children's book Sweet Mixie is a cute story about a little bird. It teaches young children about diversity, acceptance, respect, and love.
€10 excl. domestic shipping within the Netherlands. Currently Sweet Mixie is only available for domestic shipping. 

Curious about Sweet Mixie? You can order your English copy by clicking on the button (In winkelwagen) below.

"What makes you different, makes you special" -Sweet Mixie

Sweet Mixie Dutch Edition

€ 10,00

Sweet Mixie Dutch Edition

€ 10,00

This is where you order the Dutch version of the Sweet Mixie book. Sweet Mixie is the story of a small colorful bird. He wonders why he looks different from the other birds and he is very sad about that. Then he learns that being different is special.

The cardboard children's book is a great book to read or to give as a gift for a baby shower, birth or children's birthday.

Available in Dutch and English edition. You can buy Sweet Mixie here, just click the button 'In winkelwagen' to add a copy of the book to your shoppingcart. (Currently only offering domestic shipping from the Netherlands)

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Hi, nice to see you here!

Let me first start by introducing myself! My name is Evelyne and I am the author of Sweet Mixie. In the past years I have worked internationally as a model and real estate agent. Three years ago my life completely changed: I became a mommy of a little world explorer: Dane. Recently Dane became big brother to his baby-sister Nola. All the clichés apply here: motherhood is my biggest wish come true and our kids are our most precious gifts in our lives. My partner is American and I am Dutch. We raise our children bilingual. Dane likes to hear bedtime stories before going to sleep, so I read books to him and sometimes we create our own new story. Just like that, Sweet Mixie was born!

Sweet Mixie is the story about a little bird that doesn't quite look like the rest. A book with a positive message about diversity, acceptance, love and respect. The intention of the story of Sweet Mixie is for kids to embrace their uniqueness. Hopefully, it will teach kids to be proud of who they are, just like Mixie feels at the end of the story!

Are you ready to explore the world with this little bird? You can order your first copy now! 

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