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Sweet Mixie, is a cute must-have children's book, celebrating uniqueness and diversity.

Sweet Mixie: Embrace Uniqueness, Celebrate Diversity – Empowering Kids

Welcome to Sweet Mixie, a delightful children's book that sparks imagination and celebrates the beauty of diversity. Bursting with captivating illustrations and a heartwarming message, Sweet Mixie empowers young children to embrace their uniqueness and spread love. Whether you're a parent, looking for an original baby shower gift, or an educator seeking an inspiring addition to your classroom, Sweet Mixie is here to entertain, inspire, and boost self-confidence.
Limited First Edition now available!

Sweet Mixie Book English Edition


Sweet Mixie Book English Edition


Sweet Mixie is a story about a little bird that looks different from other birds. The purpose of Sweet Mixie's story is to encourage children to embrace their individuality and celebrate diversity. Are you ready to explore the world with this sweet little bird? The first edition is on sale now. Supply is limited!
Sweet Mixie is only available for domestic shipping in The Netherlands.

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"What makes you different, makes you special."

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Reviews about Sweet Mixie:

"Té lief is het 'kleurenblinde' boekje Sweet Mixie, geschreven door Evelyne Verpaalen, die haar eigen gemengde gezin (man Amerikaans en donker, zij Nederlands en blond, zoontje Dane een leuke mix) als inspiratie neemt." - Vrouw magazine De Telegraaf.

Translation: Too sweet is the 'colorblind' booklet Sweet Mixie, written by Evelyne Verpaalen, who takes her own blended family (husband American and dark, she Dutch and blonde, son Dane a fun mix) as inspiration." - Vrouw magazine De Telegraaf.

“Opvallen mag. Mixie ziet er anders uit dan andere vogels en is daar best verdrietig om. Dat het helemaal niet erg is om anders te zijn, laat dit boekje zien. Lief verhaal met een mooie boodschap over diversiteit, acceptatie, liefde en respect.” - Kek Mama 

Translation: Standing out is allowed. Mixie looks different from other birds and is quite sad about it. This little book shows that it is not bad at all to be different. Sweet story with a beautiful message about diversity, acceptance, love and respect." - Kek Mama

Kinderboek Sweet Mixie een lief verhaaltje met een mooie boodschap over diversiteit acceptatie liefde en respect

Facts about Sweet Mixie:

This is what makes Sweet Mixie so much fun:

*Diversity *Acceptance *Empowerment *Love *Respect

  1. It's a sweet little story with an inspiring message
  2. Understandably written for young children
  3. Beautiful illustrations in cheerful, soft colors
  4. Fun to read aloud. Young children can find and point to Mixie and imitate different sounds
  5. Older children can read it on their own
  6. Empowering for self-confidence
  7. Available in Dutch and English in limited first edition
  8. Handy size to carry around with rounded edges
  9. Made of cardboard
  10. Perfect gift to give as a maternity present, for a baby shower or birthday. Or to keep for yourself!

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Sweet Mixie - Nederlands-  Dutch Version


Sweet Mixie - Nederlands-  Dutch Version


Children's book Sweet Mixie is a story with an inspiring message and beautiful illustrations. The cardboard booklet is very nice to read (to). The ideal gift for a child's birthday or as a maternity gift! Order the Dutch version of Sweet Mixie here. Only available for delivery within The Netherlands.

Kinderboekje Sweet Mixie een verhaaltje over diversiteit acceptatie liefde en respect

Create your own Sweet Mixie!

This Sweet Mixie coloring page is for you, so you can make your own Sweet Mixie at home too. Print this coloring page as much as you want. Have fun!